Mobile Greyhound Track Closing

On July 31, the National Greyhound Association announced that Mobile Greyhound Park will be closing on August 19.  A statement from Mobile Greyhound Park states that approximately 400 greyhounds will need to be relocated or adopted. Some hounds will be relocated, meaning continuing their racing career at another facility. Many will not have that opportunity. That is where American Greyhound will be stepping in. It has been just over two weeks since we brought in the last haul of hounds from Mobile, which means our foster homes are full.  Can you find it in your heart to foster a greyhound that has nowhere to turn? Fostering a greyhound does not mean you are making a lifetime commitment; this is a short-term commitment to housing them until they find their forever family. You are in no way obligated to continue fostering once your foster is adopted (although we would LOVE for you to do so!). Whether you foster one hound or one hundred, the greyhounds in Mobile need you. Please contact me at 219-395-4423 or if you can help with this endeavor.  We will be seeing an effort from rescues all over the country. Let’s fill the hauler with hounds for American Greyhound!

Around Town with Your Hound!

Looking for something really fun to do with your Best Friend? Check out these AWESOME events happening at some of our sponsors or other charities in the area this month or coming up!   Be sure to swing by one on your way to or from an American Greyhound Meet & Greet!  Extra points if you wear an AG t-shirt! ! Click Here to See the Events!

 View American Greyhound’s first live broadcast!

Have you ever considered fostering one of these beautiful dogs, but were not sure what it’s all about? Our foster coordinator Nicole Graves answers some common questions and concerns about fostering and also shares other quick and easy ways that you can support American Greyhound. If you’d like to ask your own questions about fostering, contact Nicole at

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Finding Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds

American Greyhound, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to finding homes for unwanted greyhounds.  Our volunteers rescue hounds when they have no where else to turn, provide the necessary veterinary care, teach them what it means to live in a home as a companion animal, and find them good homes where they are able to live out their lives.