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Pengyou, Our Little China Boy

                I’m sure you are all aware of how we were contacted in early May about a friend of ours who had come across a little greyhound boy in a flower market in a suburb of Shanghai, China.   We worked out a plan and she was able to ransom him from the man who had possession of him.  And, as you have probably read in our updates on Facebook and other media, we worked toward the day that he would fly to the USA and his future. Read the previous story about Pengyou’s rescue here.

                Well, let’s fast forward to June 22nd.  In the early afternoon in Shanghai, he was loaded on a United Airlines flight to Chicago’s O’Hare airport.  He had developed quite a following in the 6 weeks after his rescue from the flower market.  And all eyes were on the flight tracker watching for United Airlines flight 836 and his progress toward his new life.  And, of course, with our typical Midwestern weather, we had temps in the 70’s all week leading up to his arrival, and we’ll have 70’s through the weekend, but on the day of his arrival, we had temps in the high 80’s.  But, no need to worry, by using United Pet Safe, we were assured transportation from the airplane to the cargo facility in a climate controlled van.  So, after all, we had no need to worry about his comfort and safety in the sky or on the ground.

                So, on the afternoon of the 22nd, Nancy Gawlinski and I headed the American Greyhound van north for O’Hare and our eventual meeting with PengYou.  And the Gods of greyhound rescue were with us that day, as we were able to skirt all the construction and  heavy afternoon traffic on the Tri-state tollway and arrive at the Petsafe facility more than 30 minutes early.

                Just like when we picked up Pang Pang, the folks at United Petsafe could not have been more welcoming and pleasant and they quickly moved to get PengYou to us as quickly as possibly (even though we were early and he wasn’t due out yet).  When he arrived in the lobby for us, he was in excellent shape and seemed as though he had just taken a trip across town.  He went out for a quick turn in the wonderful turnout they had available and did his business.  Once we loaded him in the van for his trip to North West Indiana, he was ready to snuggle up beside us and sleep for the majority of the trip home.

                Since arriving, he has had an opportunity to meet some other like-sized dogs (I have a 6 dog menagerie that includes a 7 month old stag hound and a very large racer) and while the initial meeting wasn’t the best, they are starting to become accustomed to each other.

                PengYou will be taking a trip to Fort Wayne for a pet expo before entering the TGIE program later this week.

                A great deal of thanks goes out to those who have made PengYou’s race to the States possible.  To the 415+ members of his on-line auction who funded his transportation, to the folks in China who funded his ransom and vet work,  to Nancy Gawlinski who helped with his pick up, and most of all, to his hero of heros, Inger Povlich, for finding him, putting together a plan for his rescue, paying his ransom, fostering him during his time in China, for getting him to the airport and loading him on the plane, and most of all, for your selfless dedication to changing the outcome for this very lucky young man, I cannot thank you nearly enough.  Often in animal rescue, drama and nonsense takes center stage.  But, not this time.  This time over 500 people got on board, worked together toward one goal, and right now, a little white and black greyhound is laying in my living room, completely oblivious to what his life would otherwise had been like, all because those 500+ people put nonsense aside and put this little guy first. 

                I extend my most sincere thanks to each of you who made this happen.  And, as for PengYou, his story is just beginning.

Jeff Coggins

President, American Greyhound

PS-look for more updates on PengYou’s journey to North American in future emails and on our Facebook page.

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