Welcome to the Family, PengYou!

If you attended our 7th annual “Winning Hearts, Not Races” benefit auction this past April, you had the unique opportunity to meet one of our newest hounds, a sweet little 5 month old  Chinese puppy named Pang Pang.  His mother had been rescued from the dog-meat trade the day before his birth.  A volunteer with an organization working to end the dog-meat trade contacted American Greyhound to see if we were interested in helping this little guy (of course the answer was a resounding YES).

The rest is American Greyhound history. Pang Pang flew to the USA one day and was the guest of honor at our auction the next.

And, if you recall, I made a comment along the lines of American Greyhound not being able to make a dent in the Asian dog-meat trade, nor should we as that was not the mission we were created to address. Bringing Pang Pang to the USA was just an opportunity to help an unwanted greyhound (and that is our mission) and, provide some education about the dog-meat trade in China. And, when we left the Avalon Manor that evening, we had no idea that we’d be announcing the arrival of another Chinese greyhound quite so soon.


A month ago, we were contacted by a friend of ours who has relocated to China (temporarily) who had come across a greyhound in a cage, in a flower market in Suzhou, a suburb of Shanghai.  She was looking for a rescue to help move this guy into a safe situation, be it in China, or in the USA. Given his situation and potential outcome, saying yes was no problem. And, the name of this handsome young man….Pengyou (pronounced Peng Yo)… Which means friend in Mandarin.

Follow this link to read more about PengYou’s journey.

Now, as our friend in China prepares Pengyou for his journey to the USA, supporters in the USA are taking action to see that his trip is fully funded and all his needs will be covered long before he is loaded onto the plane for his journey.

You can take part in this effort by joining in!

Pengyou’s Race for the States Auction

A Facebook auction dedicated to covering the costs of Pengyou’s travels.

Once PengYou arrives stateside, likely sometime in June or July, he’ll be entering TGIE, The Greyhound Inmate Experience, for 10 weeks of intensive training (translation-he’ll be fawned over, cared for, and adored by the 41 members of the TGIE program for 10 weeks that will fly by). Then, he’ll begin his search for a forever home.

Now, as I stated in April, our primary mission is to: “Find Homes for unwanted greyhounds”

And, that mission is inferred to mean helping dogs in North America.  But, given the situation, it’s obvious Pengyou was unwanted. 

So, we’ll just make one more exception!

Jeff Coggins

President, American Greyhound

PS-look for more updates on PengYou’s journey to North American in future emails and on our Facebook page.

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Finding Homes for Unwanted Greyhounds

American Greyhound, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to finding homes for unwanted greyhounds.  Our volunteers rescue hounds when they have no where else to turn, provide the necessary veterinary care, teach them what it means to live in a home as a companion animal, and find them good homes where they are able to live out their lives.