Dylan – 2526

Adopted Dogs

Dylan is a lurcher (greyhound mix) that is currently completing The Greyhound Inmate Experience (TGIE) program. His handlers, he has a great personality and loves to have fun. Curious, confident, silly and fun are all words that describe Dylan! Dylan is a little sensitive to having his tail and paws handled. The handlers in the TGIE program are working on this with him. Dylan really loves all people. Dylan likes to show his love by jumping up and wrapping his front legs around you and giving you a hug! Dylan gets vocal when he’s playing and excited, he likes to talk! Dylan is a fun boy that will make his new family very happy. If you’d like to learn more about the TGIE program, visit their website here: http://tgie-greyhounds.org/

Kennel Name: Dylan
Registered Name: n/a
DOB approx. 1/07/18
cat/small animal tolerance TBA
AG # 2526

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