Our Adopted Dogs

Humperdink – 2119 Adoption Pending

Kennel Name: Humperdink Registered Name: BR Humperdink male DOB: 12/2/15 Likely cat/small animal friendly Humperdink just turned 2 in December and still has an adorable puppy face. He was very unsure of the steep stairs in his first few days of living in a home, but...

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Ulrich – 1877 Adoption Pending

Kennel Name: Ulrich Registered Name: CTW Ulrich male DOB: 2/18/14 Likely cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1877   Meet Ulrich! Ulrich is currently being fostered with cats, greyhounds, as well as other breeds of dogs. He walks well on leash and has no problem “taking...

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Char Broil (Charlie)

Kennel Name: Char Broil (Charlie) Registered Name: WW Char Broil male DOB: 7/26/15 not cat/small animal friendly Hi!   My foster humans call me Charlie, and I’m a brown, tan, & white brindle greyhound that loves my neck rubbed, food, and treats!   I’m adjusting well...

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Jake (The Snake) Adoption Pending

Kennel Name: Jake (The Snake) Registered Name: WW’s Snake Eyez male DOB: 5/9/13 Likely cat/small animal tolerant   Jake is currently completing The Greyhound Inmate Experience Program (TGIE). He will complete his training and be ready for his forever family on March...

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Poole – 1718

Kennel Name: Poole Registered Name: Canaan Pool female DOB: 5/17/14 Likely cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1718   Poole is extremely loving and is eager to show you how much she wants to be with you! Poole loves energetic play with her toys as much as she loves a sunny...

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Kennel Name: Jewel Registered Name: n/a female DOB: 6/14/15 Likely cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1469 Jewel came to AG via Ohio Lurcher Project, which means she is a greyhound and some sort of scent hound mix.  She has a small greyhound body with the hound face and...

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Leena – 2108 Adoption Pending

Kennel Name: Leena Registered Name: Logan Queen female DOB: 8/10/12 not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 2108 If you’re looking for an active and playful companion, Leena may be the hound for you! Leena has never met a stranger and really seems to thrive with other...

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Brandi – 2107

Kennel Name: Brandi Registered Name: WW’s Ohn female DOB: 5/9/14 Likely cat/small animal tolerant AG # 2107 Brandi’s handlers say she has a very loving personality and loves attention and affection. She also enjoys playing with the other greyhounds in the program. The...

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Angel – 2106 Adoption Pending

Kennel Name: Angel Registered Name: PG Sweet Nothing female DOB: 3/21/15 not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 2106 Angel’s handlers say she will make a wonderful addition to any family. She warmly greets everyone she meets. She enjoys playing with people as well as the...

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Davie – 2102

Kennel Name: Davie Registered Name: Blazer David male DOB: 9/18/14 Likely cat/small animal tolerant AG #  2102 Davie has warmed the hearts of many involved in the TGIE program. He has a laid back demeanor with a sense of just being gracious to have loving people in...

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Shark – 2101

Kennel Name: Shark Registered Name: Shark male DOB: 5/11/14 Likely cat/small animal tolerant AG # 2101 Shark is currently completing basic obedience training in the TGIE program. He knows how to have fun and has a real zest for life! He is responding well to most of...

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Pugly – 2100 Adoption Pending

Kennel Name: Pugly Registered Name: Plug Uglies male DOB: 5/5/13 Cat/small animal tolerance TBA AG #  2100 Pugly’s trainers describe him as a well mannered greyhound that loves everyone’s company! He always has a happy disposition and enjoys showing off his commands...

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Ron – 2103 Adoption Pending

Kennel Name: Ron Registered Name: Mohican Rico Ron male DOB: 1/8/14 not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 2103 Ron is doing very well with his basic obedience training. His trainers say he is both laid back and playful. If you’ve got a treat, Ron will perform his tricks...

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Tornado – 1723

Kennel Name: Tornado Registered Name: Braska Tornado male DOB: 4/5/15 Likely cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1723 My name is Tornado (but my foster mom calls me Bear because I am big and cuddly). I live with two other greyhounds and a fat cat in retirement. I have...

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Lego – 2109

Kennel Name: Lego Registered Name: PJ Legolas male DOB: 10/6/14 small dog tolerant AG # 2109 Hi! My name is Lego. I started my retirement on November 16 and it has been great so far! My foster family gives me all the loves and snuggles I could ever ask for, but I’m...

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Frances – 1988

Kennel Name: Frances Registered Name: Maverick Frances female DOB: 1/9/09 not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1988 Frances has lived quite an exciting life up until arriving to American Greyhound! Now, she gets to enjoy her retirement and put her working days behind...

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Cool J – 1907

Kennel Name: Cool J Registered Name: LL Crying Time male DOB: 4/20/12 small dog tolerant AG # 1907 Cool J is a mellow guy who is laid back and goes with the flow. He knows how to relax in his kennel and will show it by “roaching” on his back when you approach, asking...

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Canaveral – 2075

Kennel Name: Canaveral Registered Name: WW Port Canaveral male DOB: 12/15/14 not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 2075 Canaveral came to AG recently from the Alabama haul in May and he came with more than his fair share of larger scars covering his body. His coat is a...

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Kennel Name: Carl Registered Name: n/a male DOB: approx. 11/22/12 cat/small animal tolerance TBA Carl is new to American Greyhound. His previous family was no longer able to care for him. Check back soon to learn more about this handsome fellow!  ...

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Hopper – 1991

Kennel Name: Hopper Registered Name: WW’s Hopper male DOB: 11/3/2013 not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1991 Hopper just started his retirement in mid-October. Check back soon to learn more about...

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Rollin – 1487

Kennel Name: Rollin Registered Name: WW’s Rollinontop 3/19/2013 DOB: 3/19/2013 not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1487 Rollin is new to retirement! Check back soon to learn more about...

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Pengyou – 1981

Pengyou – 1981 Kennel Name: Pengyou Registered Name: n/a Male DOB: approx. 6/22/16 Not cat/small animal tolerant AG # 1981 Pengyou is currently in The Greyhound Inmate Experience (TGIE) program. He will complete training on September 7. He has a special history as he...

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Patriots – 1859

Kennel Name: Patriots Registered Name: WW’s Patriots Female DOB: 2/15/09 small dog tolerant/cats TBA AG # 1859 WW Patriots arrived at her foster home June 11th and this adorable, petite gal quickly made herself at home. She was a very good racer in her racing days so...

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