As many of you are probably aware by now, the voters in Florida this week passed an amendment to their constitution prohibiting wagering live greyhound in their state racing by the end of 2020. There are currently 11 active tracks running live greyhound races in Florida, more tracks than all the other states combined (2 in West Virginia and 1 each in Texas, Iowa, Arkansas, and Alabama).

The numbers of dogs affected by these closings are currently hard to determine. We are seeing reports of 8,000 dogs currently at the race tracks with another 7,000 dogs at the breeding farms and in training. These numbers would seem to be relatively accurate, but there is currently no timeline for track closures that we have been made aware of. And, with the decision at the polls still sinking in, it may be a week or two before we start to see any solid information.
What we do know at this time is that there will be a massive flow of dogs out of Florida in the next two years and we will need all hands on deck to make sure there is room at the inn for each and every dog.
If you’ve thought about fostering, there’s no better time than right now. Fill out our Fostering application at Fill it out and submit it on-line. Our Fostering Coordinators will be in touch with you soon.
Or, maybe you’ve been thinking about adding a new hound to your household. Again, there’s no better time than the present. Just fill out and submit the Adoption Application at You’ll hear from our adoption Coordinators shortly.
Or, maybe you haven’t the room for another dog (I know people like that) but you’d still like to help. We can use all the volunteers we can get our hands on. Give us a shout out by submitting a contact at Mention your interest in volunteering you’ll hear back shortly.
And, of course, moving these numbers of dogs and preparing them for adoption requires a lot of the green stuff. Each and every dog we find a home for costs us almost $400, above the adoption fee, to make them medically fit to go into a new adoptive home. With the thousands of dogs in need of help, there’s no telling how many of these displaced creatures will find their home through American Greyhound, but we know we must be prepared, financially, to provide the proper care for each one of them. To help us assure those needs will be met, help us out with a tax-deductible donation at Your generosity will assure a wonderful retirement for a deserving pup.
Please watch our website, Facebook page and further emails as we’ll pass the information along as it becomes available.
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