Angel came to America on June 9th and has made so much progress in house manners and trust already. He currently lives in a virtual zoo with one retired racer, two lurchers and two Hawaiian dogs. That makes six dogs in the house, which creates a lot of chaos at times. Angel hated his crate at first, destroying his first crate with his teeth. But with six dogs here and both humans working outside the home, Angel had to be crated at first, so he was then crated with a muzzle and he settled right in. He is fed in his crate to emphasize it is a safe place and in recent days, he has gone in on his own to relax and sleep. Angel gets along with the other dogs for the most part but the smaller Hawaiian boys seem to push his buttons at times. So it would be best for Angel to not go to a home with small dogs, for everyone’s safety and happiness. He started out sleeping on the floor, then moved to a dog bed, then an ottoman and now gets up on furniture to snuggle with his people. Angel is a huge snuggler and enjoys being with his two leggers over the four leggers. He would be happy as an only dog if the situation arose for him. His foster dad put up some three foot snow fence around a landscaping project he’s currently working on. Angel jumps that three foot fence with extreme
ease and runs around in landscaping project. Oops. So Angel needs a six foot fence or must be leashed and walked. The fireworks just started last night and he seemed spooked by them, but we will see if he is afraid or maybe just confused by the noises. If you would like more information on Angel or would like to rescue him from the chaos he currently calls home, please inquire about him to maybe meet this beautiful boy for yourself. Adoption Fee: $900
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