Cat Tolerant or Not?

We will discourage adoption of not-cat-tolerant dogs if you have cats or small dogs in your home. If you have small children there are Illy Dogcertain dogs that have shown to be a risk with small children that we will absolutely not place in your home. This is for the safety of your family and the dog. A large number of greyhounds are likely cat-tolerant and live in foster homes with cats or other small pets. If you have cats or small dogs (Bichons, Chihuahuas, toy breeds, etc) we encourage you to choose from our likely cat-tolerant hounds. Likewise, if you do not have cats or small dogs, we strongly encourage you to choose from our not-cat-tolerant hounds. The behavior of likely cat-tolerant hounds is typically only cat friendly inside the home. Behavior of either will likely be similar when outdoors or when walking on a leash. American Greyhound strives to place the maximum number of hounds from the racetrack into loving homes, and to do this we must place both cat-tolerant as well as not-cat-tolerant hounds. Placing a cat-tolerant hound in a home with no need for such a pet creates a backlog of not-cat-tolerant greyhounds. Please keep this in mind when selecting your hound.

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