Cloudy – 2505 – Special Needs

Adopted Dogs

Kennel Name: Cloudy – Special Needs
Registered Name: n/a
DOB approx. 7/31/17
not cat/small animal tolerant
AG # 2505

Cloudy is a Good Citizen Graduate of the TGIE Program at the prison in Coldwater Michigan. He can do his commands both verbally and with hand gestures and he really does them at lightening speed if you have a treat in your hand. Cloudy came to AG from Ohio Lurcher Project and after his TGIE graduation, it was discovered that he has Water Diabetes, which means he feels the need to drink massive amounts of water.  Before the vets figured out what he has, his foster mom would come home daily to a wet crate because let’s face it, what goes in, must come out. But after many blood tests, x-rays, cat-scans and sonograms, he was diagnosed with Diabetes insipidus (DI). This is a condition characterized by large amounts of dilute urine and increased thirst. The amount of urine produced can be nearly 5 gallons per day. Diabetes insipidus is usually a permanent, lifelong condition and cannot be cured. However, the symptoms of constant thirst and urination can be well controlled with medication, and a normal, symptom-free quality of life can be restored.  Cloudy takes 3 Desmopressin Acetate 2 mg pills spread out during the day and has been accident-free other than the 2 days where a pill was missed. His Rx is filled at Walmart and runs about $50 a month. Cloudy is smart as a whip and loves to hang out on the deck, laying in the sun for as long as you will let him.  He has great house manners, quiet enough to live in an apartment or condo, good with stairs and slippery floors, loves to play with toys and is silly running around the backyard. Cloudy would do best with female dogs or even as an only guy in your house. He is incredibly sweet and loves nothing more than to lay in his dog bed at our feet, just knowing we are close by. If you are open to a sweet and loving boy, who knows all sorts of commands and every body part has been poked, prodded, tested or x-rayed recently and can open your home and heart to this special needs guy, please take a second look at this handsome man.  And if you live locally, Cloudy has a rather large fan club already established with the entire staff at McAfee Animal Hospital.  When we walk in their door, the ladies from the back all come to the lobby and swarm this fella with love.




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