Cohete – 2162

Adopted Dogs

Kennel Name: Cohete
Registered Name: n/a
DOB approx. 6/21/15
Likely cat/small animal tolerant

Cohete is a galgo from Spain. He just recently made his big adventure over to the United States in May. Cohete is currently living with cats as well as other medium to large breed dogs. He seems to get along well with everyone! He walks well on leash and knows that is time to “do his business”. Cohete has not played with any toys yet, but there is still so much to learn about being a pet! Cohete is very quiet and shy. He would do best in a quieter home with lots of patience and understanding. He loves human affection and has quickly caught onto the routine in his foster home while following the other dogs he lives with. If you’re looking for someone to keep you company and stay by your side, Cohete is your guy! He loves to sleep on a comfy dog bed right next to his foster family. Cohete’s foster family is working on getting him to feel comfortable while he’s kenneled. Galgos require a commitment to leash walk or a 6ft + fence in their adoptive home. Galgos are known for their jumping and climbing abilities and it is possible that even a 6ft fence may not be secure for them. Each galgo is different in that respect and requires individual evaluation. If you’d like to learn more about adding Cohete to your family, contact our adoption coordinators.

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