Dollywood’s litter was named after county singers and the little blonde girl was amply named and shortened to just Dolly for everyday use.  She is a tiny little girl who weighs in at just 43 lbs and was retired at 8 years old. She is adjusting well to her retired life of leisure with her 3 foster brothers and one foster sister.  We have to assume she has been stepped on with her petite stature as she does not like the others to get too close to her and will let them know when she thinks they are close enough.  Dolly would probably do best in a home where she is the only dog so she can live her life out being spoiled, pampered and not have to worry about being stepped on anymore. Dolly crates easily and quietly and is learning what warm soft beds and fuzzy toys are all about.  She LOVES her human family tho and can’t get enough interaction with them.  She is very thin and we are working on putting some weight on her and she will be vetted the middle of November.  If you think you could open your home and heart up to little Dollywood, please inquire for more information about her.
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