Ducky- 1726 adoption pending

Ducky- 1726 adoption pending

Kennel Name: Ducky
Registered Name: CG’s Ducky
DOB: 4/22/14
Small Dog Tolerant
AG # 1726

Ducky is as sweet as he is handsome! His ears steal the show when something catches his interest. Ducky has adjusted well to the life of a pet and family member, and is comfortable in the house. He is a quiet boy overall, but has been known to “talk” to you when it is potty time!

Ducky has learned the concepts of leash walking and is getting even better with every walk. He is so happy to see his humans when they come home and he loves praise and cuddles. He enjoys quality time with his foster family and will wiggle in closer to get even more pats and rubs. His favorite spot is his big dog cushion and he’s become relaxed enough to stay on his cushion while his humans do chores and move about the house.

He has not discovered the joy of toys yet, but there is plenty of time for that! Ducky is currently the only dog in his home and seems to be adjusting just fine without a canine companion, but he gets along well with other dogs both large and small. He would be happiest in a home without cats. Ducky currently lives with an infant and is taking all the sounds, smells, and activity in stride! Ducky has adjusted to retirement life and has risen to each new challenge with enthusiasm and he learns quickly. If you’d like to meet Ducky, contact our adoption coordinators.

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