It’s that time of year again, the Fourth of July. It’s a take of family fun and celebration, but for many of us, it is a cause of great anxiety for our pups.  What can we do to help keep our pups safe and have less anxiety?  Many things can help!  An important thing to remember is to make sure your dogs have collars with tags containing their current information.  Fourth of July unfortunately is the of year dogs get loose most often.  Please remember we may enjoy the fireworks but many dogs do not, so please leave your dogs at home during the festivities. 

Here are a list of suggestions of some things you can do at home to help calm your pets:
  • Close your blinds.
  • Play music, or have your TV on in the house for background noise.
  • Diffuse essential oils or put them directly on your dog.  Please use an animal safe essential oil; look a quality company that makes essential oils specifically for pets. Some essential oils can be toxic to pets or irritate your dogs skin, so it’s important to use them carefully.
  • CBD oil (which is specially formulated for DOGS) is a very important calming oil to use for your dogs. Please make sure you purchase CBD oils from a company you trust, as some CBD oils use artificial sweeteners that can be toxic to pets.
  • Natural or homeopathic calming supplements, which can be found at many pet stores.
  • Try putting “Thundershirts” or wraps on your pets, which may help them feel calm and secure.
  • Weather permitting, exercise your dog during the day so they are more tired and relaxed in evening when most of the fireworks start.
  • Try a “smart toy” that dispenses treats which your dog has to work to get, which will help distract your pet from the loud noises.
  • Have a safe place for your dog where they like to go, such as a crate or dog bed in a place where your dog feels comfortable in your home
You can do many of these things together.  Just remember that every dog is different, and what may work for one dog might not work for another.  Also remember to check with your veterinarian for any suggestions, as they might recommend a prescription to help get them through this time of year. 
Please note that this article focuses on the Fourth of July and fireworks, but these suggestions can also apply to dogs that have issues with thunderstorms during the year as well.
Help keep your dogs Safe and Happy, and have a Great Holiday!  
(Many thanks to Heather Peyatt for creating this article.)
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