Greyhound Pup-Date!

On July 23, 2017, a litter of 7 puppies came to American Greyhound. The cute pups captured the hearts of many, and we wanted to give everyone a glimpse of greyhound life that rescue groups rarely see: puppyhood.

Brandi writes:  Quasar is doing really well. She’s been bonding with her grandma and grandpa. She is ALL puppy for sure and takes the landshark title to heart, but she also has no problem relaxing. She loves laying under tables for her naps and loves to be outside and play in the dirt! She’s a cuddler, but can also be feisty when She doesn’t get her way. She starts working with a trainer on Monday so I’ll let everyone know how it goes and keep you updated. She’s a breath of fresh air. Her older siblings are being…tolerable! 

Justine writes:  Our little pup, Suki, is as cute as can be and adapting well to home life. Although small in size, this little girl sure lives up to the nickname, “land shark!”  We’ve quickly learned to offer her plenty of chew toys to avoid the bite of those tiny, sharp teeth!

Suki is a smart little pup who has taught herself to go up and down stairs as quick as lightening. She also loves to run around the yard trying to keep up with our older two Greyhound girls, Shelby and Stella. We love watching her learn and grow, and will continue to provide updates on our little ball of energy!
Mike writes:  Enzo is doing greyt!  He seems to grow larger every day.  Trent has accepted him as a little brother although he does get tired of him after a while.  Trent was a little jealous and took over Enzo’s bed.  Porsche is too old to keep up with all of the energy Enzo has so they just trade barks.  Enzo has two cousins (our daughter’s dogs) that come over to play during the week.  Petey, a Chihuahua mix, is about the same size as Enzo and they play tug of war all morning until both are warn out and fall asleep (second photo).  It is so funny to see Enzo walk under the other greyhounds.  He has increased the distance of his evening walks.  We are going to have to buy elk antlers in bulk in order to save our fingers and toes.  He is a very welcomed addition to the family!