Something good did come out of 2020 and her name is Miss Holly. She was born 8/22/2020. She is a little peanut but as they say, good things come in small packages. Holly is only 16 months old and is a busy girl, but she is sweeter than she is chaotic. As anyone can testify who has had a young hound, they can be challenging at times. Much like any puppy. For some time she responded to the names “Holly No” or “Holly Get Down” but once she has gotten the hang of living in a home, she has really settled down. Miss Holly does bark when she wants our of her crate but a stern “Holly” will quiet her down. Given this Holly is probably not cut out for apartment living. She wants nothing more than to be loved and scratched and petted. She will literally press her entire body into you and soak up attention. Holly is a beautiful black brindle who loves playing with kids. Other than trying to remove the sock of one child she had great manners with the kids. So if one of your 2022 goals was to spice things up and make your life more active and fun, we have just the girl for you! Miss Holly would love to become your newest family member. 

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