Humperdink – 2119 Adoption Pending

Adopted Dogs

Kennel Name: Humperdink

Registered Name: BR Humperdink


DOB: 12/2/15

Likely cat/small animal friendly

Humperdink just turned 2 in December and still has an adorable puppy face. He was very unsure of the steep stairs in his first few days of living in a home, but mastered those like a champ. Hump walks pretty well on a leash and will do his business on a leash if needed also.  He LOVES to throw soft squeaky toys around with such exhilaration and has a favorite Angry Bird toy that he likes to take into his crate at bed time. Hump has been regularly exposed to small dogs and small kids and so far he appears to love interacting with both. He eats with gusto, runs and plays with such delight that you cannot help but smile and is truly enjoying his retirement with zest. Humperdink, or Humdinger or Humphrey, or whatever you call him, is such a sweet and affectionate boy.  He was laying on his dog bed and I laid down next to him; he put his front leg on my shoulder and started giving me kisses; on only his second day of retirement. If you do not like kisses or affectionate dogs, this guy is not for you. But if you can appreciate all that he brings to the table, stop by and give this boy a look.  You won’t be sorry. 

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