India is a very sweet girl! She is still adjusting to her foster home and we are seeing new pieces of her personality every day. India is a very playful, happy girl and loves attention. She will run headlong into you in greeting and her whole back end wags whenever she’s excited. India can easily climb stairs and walk (or slide) on hardwood with no fear, and she sleeps in a crate through the night with no issues. She is very much a Velcro dog at the moment, so she is still working on her manners in terms of giving her foster parents space throughout the day, but India is highly food-motivated and responds well to both her name and to dog biscuits! She eats her meals very quickly and loves all types of treats, including apple slices. She also loves being petted and brushed. Fun fact: when she gets *really* excited, she smiles like a person, with a big toothy grin, and it’s adorable!
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