Jelly Bean

Jellybean came to me as an emergency foster. After being raced over four years, then returned from an adoption that didn’t stick, she was hiding in her crate and snapping at people or dogs who came too close.
With three other rescue dogs in our small home, we were not looking to grow our pack, but Jelly’s eyes “spoke” to me. She instinctively found her place in our home, and deferred to our 15 pound pack leader. Within days I knew she would never leave my side.
Once she settled in, her joy and energy blossomed. I told everyone Jelly was my pitbull in the shape of a greyhound, as she fetched tennis balls in the dog park, explored on our miles long walks, and shredded shoes and remote controls with abandon.
For nine years she faithfully ran to greet me every day. Our bond enriched my life, and now her memory strengthens my commitment to grow this fund in her name. Please join me in honor of the dogs that have touched your heart. All contributions to Jelly’s fund will help American Greyhound rescue cast away, abandoned and forgotten dogs with hearts of gold. Give amazing dogs, like Jelly, the second chance or third chance they deserve to find a loving home.
Respectfully, Jellybean’s pawrents, Denise and David


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