Kennel Name: Jewel

Registered Name: n/a


DOB: 6/14/15

Likely cat/small animal tolerant

AG # 1469

Jewel came to AG via Ohio Lurcher Project, which means she is a greyhound and some sort of scent hound mix.  She has a small greyhound body with the hound face and ears.  Jewel is just a little peanut of a girl and can curl up into the tiniest of balls. She is guesstimated to be 2 or 3 years old and we can tell that she has had a litter or two of puppies. Jewelgets along well with all of the greys at her foster home and even tested cat tolerant at a recent trip to a board member’s home with cats.  She has great house manners tho she does occasionally jump on people when she gets very excited, which we are all currently working on.  Jewel seems to really love the little people that come to visit at her foster home and does not seem fazed by their noise at all.  She came to AG already knowing the comforts of a couch and curls up in the corner, so she is hoping her forever home allows her a little corner on their couch too.  Jewel LOVES to be wherever her people are and will follow us from room to room, even if she just laid down and got all comfy.  We were told that Miss Jewel can jump a 4 foot fence if she really wants to, tho she has not shown this feat to her foster family.  Here she seems content to just stay in the yard and play with her friends. If you are looking for a little nugget to call your own, maybe with an empty corner of your couch that needs to be filled and would like to know more about this precious Jewel, please let our adoption coordinators know.  

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