Jolene – Adoption Pending

Adopted Dogs

Jolene is a shy, sweet lurcher that will be 9 months old May 13th. At 54 pounds, she is not very big right now. She is blind in one eye due to a birth defect, but it doesn’t appear to bother her. She is shy in new situations, but warms up quickly. Once she is comfortable, she is very playful and affectionate. The outdoors is a bit big and scary for Jolene with all of the loud noises and things moving. Jolene prefers to be with her people inside where she can be cuddled, given treats, and play with her squeaky toys. Jolene is doing well with her foster Mom, an older child, and a dog sibling. Jolene is cat curious right now, and will have to be monitored around cats for a while.


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