Knotts – 2370

Adopted Dogs

Kennel Name: Knotts
Registered Name: Java Knotts
DOB: 05/07/2018
not cat/small animal tested
AG # 2370

This beyond handsome, brindle boy named Knotts recently came to AG due to the track closures in Florida. He just turned 2 years old and is an energetic youngster who would do best with an energetic family or active single person who likes to walk. Knotty is tall, lean and lanky and used to have the most beautiful long elegant tail but it was amputated when he was neutered.  You see, that tail spun like a helicopter propeller non-stop as Knotty is just the happiest guy to be here and he cracked that tail on every hard surface and corner and split it open and it would not properly heal.  But that didn’t stop him, he kept wagging it non-stop even though it had to hurt because that is just the kind of thing very happy 2 year old dogs do. Knotts came to AG with a couple “knots” protruding from this shoulder areas and the vets did x-rays to see what was going on in there.  Turns out he has calcium deposits on those bones. They do not hurt him and will not cause any issues and are permanently affixed to those bones, so it was decided not to remove them during his surgery. As he gains weight, they will be less and less noticeable and we are working on getting some weight on him now. Knotts does not mind his crate and runs right in when asked to, tho he does do some “talking” and “singing” in there.  I love talking to him and then he answers me, so cute. So if you are not an apartment or condo dweller and have time to take this very young boy out for some exercise and think a short, stubby boxer style tail is adorable, please take a look at this brindle baby. He is looking for a home full of love, fun and soft bedding to live out his many years with you.

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