Kennel Name: Lapiz
Registered Name: n/a
DOB approx. 12/21/17
cat/small animal tolerance TBA
AG # 2521

Lapiz is a galgo that traveled to the United States from Spain. He is settling very nicely into his foster home. He gets along well with dogs of all sizes in his foster home. Lapiz does well in his crate and will often seek out the comfort of his crate when he needs a quiet space to relax. Lapiz walks well on leash and we believe he would be well suited for an apartment. Lapiz’s most unique trait is the fact that he loves to gather stuffed toys. He will pounce on them and squeak them – as long as you’re not looking! Lapiz is still very reserved and leery of new people. He will surely come around and warm up once he gets more comfortable and realizes that there are worthy people of trust. Although he is very shy and reserved, he is still very sweet. He is still taking in his new environment. He will give a subtle tail wag and the infamous “greyhound lean” once he gains your trust. If you would like more information on galgos and their journey from Spain to the United States, visit The Daphne Legacy Tour’s Facebook page: You are also welcome to contact our adoption coordinators for more information regarding adopting a galgo. . 

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