Adopted Dogs

Lazaro is a gentle, quiet, and easy going 22 month old galgo from Spain. He currently lives with another galgo and large wolfhound and gets along with them nicely. Watching them play intrigues him but isn’t quite ready to join the fun yet. Lazaro also lives with three cats. One of the cats has played and ran around the room while Lazaro laid on his bed. He watches the cats go by but has not attempted to chase them. He rides well in the car and will stay in the backseat, but will try to come to the front if there is food. That is how we discover how much he LOVES popcorn.He has nice house manners and has not had issues with potty training. He has tried jumping up to look on the counter-top but has taken correction well.He has worn some coats and sweaters and doesn’t mind having them put on. Men do not appear to make him nervous. He enjoys gentle pats and will rest his head on you when he is relaxed. Lazaro is ready for his loving forever family. 
Please note:  The adoption fee for Lazaro is $800.
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