Mitzi – 2147 – Adoption Pending

Adopted Dogs

Kennel Name: Mitzi


DOB estimated 10/3/12

AG # 2147

likely cat/small animal tolerant

Mitzi is a greyhound mix who came to American Greyhound with two of her daughters from The Ohio Lurcher Project in October.  She is an extremely happy little girl whose helicopter tail never stops wagging. If you even glance her way, her tail starts thumping on the floor and good pictures of her are hard to get because if she sees you looking at her, she is up and next to you in a flash. Mitzi is smaller than the average female greyhound and would love to be your snuggle bunny. She learned house rules quickly and actually loves moving all of the soft bedding in her crate up into the corner to make herself a little nest. Mitzi loves playing with squeaky toys and gnawing on cow hooves. She is a champ on slippery floors and stairs and loves running in the yard with her foster brothers and sisters. If you are looking to add a little girl to your family, please consider Miss Mitzi.

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