Mohina – Pending

Adoptable Dogs

Mohina is is a Galga from Spain. She arrived to the USA on May 15th. She is doing great in her foster home. She  goes to the potty outside. Loves her soft beds. Sleeps all night. Behaves great on a leash outside. Will nudge you for pets if you are near. Does great on car rides. Likes women, men, teens, and cats! She is learning to trust her people and becoming more and more relaxed. She does not come when called, yet. New sounds make her a little nervous but she is adjusting quickly to what normal home noises are. (i.e. toilets flushing, the sound of a humidifier, door creaks, etc.) She will sometimes steal your seat on the couch if you move and is unsure of mirrors, she stares at her reflection very unsure of who the “other dog” is. We love her calm, sweet, tolerant soul. Adoption fee $900.


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