Patriots – 1859

Adopted Dogs

Kennel Name: Patriots
Registered Name: WW’s Patriots
DOB: 2/15/09
small dog tolerant/cats TBA
AG # 1859

WW Patriots arrived at her foster home June 11th and this adorable, petite gal quickly made herself at home. She was a very good racer in her racing days so she ended up being a brood momma and welcomed 9 puppies into this world prior to her starting retirement with American Greyhound at 8 years of age. She has gotten along well with 2 greyhounds and a small terrier mix (under 15 lbs). She has not been living with kids in her foster home but seems to enjoy the school age kids she has met thus far. She has a bit of a welcome wagon personality that is often exhibited while accompanying her foster mom to work. Her tail whirls like a helicopter and she gets excited to say Hi – sometimes even putting her paws up on the gate to get a bit closer to visitors! She has enjoyed dog bed slumber in the living room and spending time with the rest of the family and she really seems to have taken to being a part of the family and making sure she isn’t left out. Mornings are especially fun as she is always happy to offer an enthusiastic good morning stretch and LOTS of leans and loving face rubs. She is especially endearing when she noses her way between her foster mom’s legs and soaks up the attention she so effectively solicits. If you are looking for a relatively laid back, senior gal who enjoys being a part of the family – Patriots may just be the gal you have been waiting for!

Please be aware that Patriots is a special needs adoption as she arrived with a racquetball size lump on her left shoulder which was promptly removed but diagnosed as a malignant, grade 2, peripheral nerve sheath tumor. It was quite embedded in her muscle so was tough to get good margins during removal so it is possible she could experience tumor growth in her future. At this time, there has been no obvious signs of metastasis (spread to other organs) and thankfully, this is not a type of cancer that has a high occurrence of metastasis. She needed a fair amount of nursing and monitoring during her approximately month and half long recovery. Patriots seems to have soaked up all that attention as she has become more animated about being a part of the family. She continues to blossom and even though she is relatively laid back and even-keel the majority of the time, it seems there is a part of her yet that is just waiting to burst out – she gets much more excited now about the leash coming out, or when it is time for work or time to go home (which often involves her leash too). She also adores walks, and despite evidence of a corn being present on each of her hind paws, she alertly and happily trots along – often leading the pack! If you have room in your heart and home for a special girl like Patriots, contact our adoption coordinators.

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