Hi, my name is Pol! I just came over from Spain last month and I have been adjusting to life in the States beautifully. I’ve got a dark brindle coat and eyes that are a warm brown like a tiger. It took a little time to learn how to potty on a leash, but now I’m a pro. I have had zero accidents inside. I also know how to go into my kennel (but only if you give me a treat). Walkies are my most favorite thing in the world! I LOVE being outside. I think it’s hilarious to run through a flock of birds and make them all fly away. If I see any squirrels, rats, or rabbits I’m on the hunt! My foster parents haven’t let me off the leash to chase them but I’ve still almost caught a squirrel or two. I can also JUMP! I’ve nearly climbed a few trees, and those pesky squirrels won’t evade me much longer. (Does anyone want to try and convince my foster parents to let me off leash??) I don’t think a standard 6 foot fence would do much to keep me in. I’ve got enough energy for a few walks a day if you want to take me out! I also do pretty well on car rides and like to sniff out the windows if you roll them down a few inches. I’m learning how to play with toys, and I love squeaky ones that I can shake and throw around. My foster parents also say I’m one of the most affectionate girls they’ve seen. Meeting new people on walks is my favorite! I also like to bark at all the dogs I see in case any of them want to be friends. I do tend to forget how big I am, so small dogs often get a little nervous when I try to play with them. I love snuggling and giving kisses and getting pets. Snuggles are my favorite! (You can have more than one favorite thing, right?) I’ll follow you around the house with a smile on my face, just happy to be included. I don’t love going in the bathroom, though, because showers are not very fun. I figured out how to counter surf, and I love licking off the dishes! If you catch me in the act and tell me to stop, I usually respond with “¿no hablo ingles?” The good news is, you can get rid of your old dishwasher, I’ll happily take the job! I do experience some sleep startle, but once I’m awake I’ll wag my tail and snuggle in closer. If I’m asleep, just say my name before you pet me, and I’ll happily oblige. Other than that, nothing scares me! Thunder, fireworks, sirens, cars backfiring… My foster sister gets real shaky and nervous, so I help her out by laying near her and giving her kisses on her head. It doesn’t seem to help, but I don’t know why she’s so bothered by the noise in the first place. I’m adoptable at American Greyhound! My foster family says that whoever gets me will be the luckiest family on the planet! Adoption fee $900
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