Adopted Dogs

Ranger is a very sweet 3 year old lurcher. he loves to be petted and has extremely soft fur. He seems to recognize his name and comes (usually) when called. Ranger enjoys toys. He seems especially fond of rope bones. He will play fetch with a ball. Ranger loves beds and pillows. He also loves laundry and kitchen towels he can pull off the towel rack. He wants to lay on everything. He does need to be crated until he learns better house manners. He thinks everything is a toy and wants to play with it all. We continue to work on it and have seen much improvement. Ranger has had zero toileting accidents. He enjoys going outside and playing with the other dogs. He loves running around the yard and frequently does several laps ant breakneck speeds. He gets along fine with the other dogs, but will bark and chase them outside. (always playful) Ranger is a great boy who is adjusting well to living in a home He would be an amazing addition to most any family who can give him the attention he needs. 

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