Name: Rigel


DOB: approx 5/2/15

Not cat/small animal tolerant

Rigel (like “Nigel” but with an R) is a Chart Polski – a Polish sighthound that can be considered a “cousin” to the retired racers that we know know and love. Rigel is doing very well in his foster home! He much prefers the company of humans over dogs, but is fostered with a handful of greyhounds. He is very affectionate and quite charming. He loves to rest his head on his foster mom’s chest and gaze into her eyes. He is still working on his leash manners, but has no problems with the stairs in his foster home. He also loves stuffed toys. Rigel is somewhat vocal and loves to “talk” to his foster family, so apartment living may not be the best fit for him. He is outgoing, curious, and confident with slightly more energy than a typical retired racer. Rigel would be happiest in a home as either an only dog or with other large breed dogs -without small dogs or cats. If you’d like more information about Rigel, contact our adoption coordinators!

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