Roxie recently came back to American Greyhound due to some medical concerns and a change in family dynamic. Roxie is a very sweet girl that currently lives with a shi tzu as well as a tabby cat. Her tabby cat friend even goes on walks with her! Roxie walks very well on leash and would likely enjoy life in an apartment or a house. She isn’t a huge fan of stuffed toys, but she does love to chase after tennis balls! Roxie is on the shy side and she is very unsure of many things around her. Slowly but surely she is coming out of her shell and starting to relax. New or loud noises are still very scary for her. First thing in the morning, she is playful and excited to start her day! Roxie has met young children and we don’t have any reason to believe she wouldn’t be well suited to live wit them. One of Roxie’s favorite things to do is lay outside and soak up the sun. If you’d like to learn more about Roxie, contact our adoption coordinators! 

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