Vegetta – 2166

Adopted Dogs

Kennel Name: Vegetta 
Registered Name: n/a
DOB approx. 12/1/15
Likely cat/small animal tolerant

Vegetta is a galgo from Spain. He just recently made his big adventure over to the United States in May. Vegetta is a timid, gentle soul. He is an affectionate boy that is happy to receive love and affection. He seems to be on high alert when he has seen deer and other animals outdoors. Vegetta currently lives with a cat and is actually a little intimidated by him! Vegetta has met elementary school aged children as well as teenagers and we believe he would be well suited for a home with children. Vegetta will play with stuffed toys when the mood strikes and has done well with the few stairs his foster family has in their home. Vegetta walks well on leash and does very well in his kennel. He would be well suited for apartment living. Vegetta’s ideal home would give him all the time and patience he needs to get fully comfortable and acclimated to his new life. Galgos require a commitment to leash walk or a 6ft + fence in their adoptive home. Galgos are known for their jumping and climbing abilities and it is possible that even a 6ft fence may not be secure for them. Each galgo is different in that respect and requires individual evaluation. If you’d like to learn more about adding Lince to your family, contact our adoption coordinators.


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