Adopted Dogs

Vivien is a very sweet and gentle girl who loves to be around other dogs. She does great on car rides, whether they’re around the neighborhood or the long trip from Chicago to her foster home in Indianapolis. Vivien appears to have previously had at least one litter of puppies, and her foster greyhound siblings have picked up on that maternal energy. They love to cuddle her even though they are not typically eager to cuddle new dogs. Vivien has no trouble walking up and down stairs, and sleeps through the night with no issues. She hasn’t had any accidents indoors, and is very quiet. Almost all of her time is spent curled up with one of the humans or another dog. We believe she would do best with another dog, as she is definitely more of a follower and occasionally whines if separated from other dogs. Vivien does NOT like the snow under her paws! She would love warm sweaters and coats as she is always very cold. She did well getting a bath at the pet store, except she didn’t like being cold afterwards. Vivien also went out to a dog-friendly brewery with us and she did great meeting other dogs (mostly greyhounds). She will absolutely steal your heart!
Please note:  The adoption fee for Vivien is $800.
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