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Chris and Sheri Dill

Chris & Sheri Dill live in La Porte, IN, and have been associated with American Greyhound since 2010 when they adopted their first dog, Bottoms Up in July of that year. They currently live with two greyhounds named Jeaneous and Jelly Bean. Their other greyhounds, Bottoms Up, Tasha, Annie and Jackyle are still in their hearts, with Bottoms Up passing recently. In addition to their family pets, they have fostered around fifty dogs (that’s 5-0!!) in their house, as well as several return visitors.

American Greyhound had a chance to chat with Chris and Sheri, and asked them to tell us their story about their involvement with American Greyhound and dogs in general. This is what they had to say:

How did you first get interested or learn about greyhounds?

“The first time we saw a Greyhound was at the Porter County Fair, but we first started showing interest in 2010 when we saw a sign for greyhounds at a roadside event in Chesterton IN.  We stopped and interacted with the hounds and inquired about the breed. Sheri purchased her first greyhound T-shirt from this event, and we then went online and filled out an application, starting a list of Greyhounds of interest and a decision was also made at that point to purchase a new house.”

What is it that you like about American Greyhound and what keeps you associated with the group? 

“The cause of helping greyhound dogs, and our fellow volunteers.”

Tell us about your American Greyhound story, how you got started with the group, etc.

“We volunteer within American Greyhound by attending/overseeing events, maintaining the AG store that contains the T-shirts.  We create items to donate for fundraisers and Sheri makes made-to-order collars to keep all the Greyhounds best dressed.

We started looking for our first Greyhound in 2010. After creating a list of interest in hopes of finding the perfect hound for us we started going to events.  We went to the Porter County Fair and interacted with the Greyhounds.  After leaving and going back we found Bottoms Up.  Sheri walked him around, took him into an enclosed area where there was a pool and Bottoms crawled right in, she knew he was “the one,” right there and then. We closed on our house and moved in a week later with Bottoms. This is where it all began.

Bottoms Up

Our first foster dog came a couple months later when we got to experience the early morning cold of waiting for a hauler to arrive at the Cabela’s parking lot, and the process of receiving these dogs and sending them off to their foster homes. Tasha joined us in October 2010.  She was a first female foster, first dog from the Second Chance for Life program out of the prison and much like Bottoms, she was love at first sight for Chris, nine days later, she was adopted by us and our first foster failure.

Jackyle came into our lives in September 2011 and went over the rainbow bridge in March 2012 which was when we adopted him. He was a special and unique Greyhound who enjoyed taking his bedding out of his crate and moving it to a certain spot in the house, or he would take it outside in the yard to lie in the sun. Jackyle was one of the hounds that if he had not gotten adopted soon, we were going to keep him.


Jeaneous came from Florida in December 2012 and was very shy. After many months of attending events, and being told by adopters that she would never get adopted because she was too shy. One day while traveling, Sheri said “I want to adopt Jeaneous,” so while at the 2013 Greyhound picnic, Chris surprised Sheri with the adoption of Jeaneous! Over the past six years she’s remained shy, but has settled in just fine and has had many milestones to make an owner proud, and was our second foster failure. 


Annie came to us as a return at the 2016 American Greyhound Picnic, and was from a home where she was loved, but her owner had to be placed in a care facility and could no longer take care of her. This girl was such a treat to have in our lives. We knew she would be with us for the rest of her life since she was ten years old, and also had some medical issues.  Annie was with us for only a short three months, but every moment was treasured, and it was as if she had been with us her whole life.  Annie slept with us every night, sharing her space with the other hounds, and she was always happy regardless of the medical issue at hand.


Our last addition to our home is Jelly Bean who was returned to American Greyhound in June of 2018. In November she was a fill-in for the TGIE program where she didn’t do very well, but when she came back to our home she settled right back in like she never left. Jelly Bean and her quirky personality fit right into our lives. She had several possible adopters back out of taking her when they learned that she required a little maintenance, so we decided that she was already home and we officially adopted her into our family in March of 2019, where she became our third foster failure. We also have found out that she and Bottoms are related. We are always looking forward to getting new fosters and rescuing more greyhounds in need.”

Jelly Bean

When not busy helping greyhounds Chris and Sheri can be found doing beautiful stained and fused glass (which you may have seen if you have ever been to an AG picnic). Sheri enjoys sewing, which includes making collars, coats and quilts, doing embroidering, and she also enjoys painting. Chris has a woodshop where he creates a wide variety of wood projects, as well as making acrylic resin castings.

Bottoms, Tasha, Jeaneous at the 2017 AG Picnic


Bottoms, Jelly Bean 2019


All of us at American Greyhound would like to thank Sheri and Chris for all of the hard work they do, as well as the important contributions they make to the group, which make a big difference in the lives of the dogs we all strive to help.

The Volunteer Spotlight recognizes individuals who play a valuable role within the American Greyhound family, and also showcases their contributions and hard work which prove invaluable in helping the hounds and the organization as a whole. If you know someone who should be in the Spotlight, please let us know by sending an email to Loree McKinney (mlsm@comcast.net) or Tony Neetz (website@americangreyhound.org). 
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