Our Volunteer Spotlight!

Neal and Janelle Moss

Neal and Janelle Moss live in Constantine, MI., along with a greyhound named Dandy, a border collie named Alex, and Marsha the cat. They have been associated with American Greyhound since 2012, having had two greyhounds of their own, and also fostering about a dozen more.

We had a chance to ask them a few questions about their involvement with American Greyhound, and this is what they had to say:

How did you first get interested in, or learn about greyhounds?

“We happened upon an American Greyhound meet and greet once in a Petco store back in April of 2012. I (Janelle) was intrigued by them, never having seen a Greyhound in person before. A certain greyhound caught my eye; she wasn’t the biggest or prettiest, but I think I fell in love with her at first sight, as when I went to meet her, she gave me a kiss! After two weeks of debate (my husband was operating under the common misunderstandings about Greyhounds) I applied to adopt her. That dog was Dandy, our first Greyhound.”

What is it that you like about American Greyhound and keeps you associated with the group?

“We truly appreciate associating with people who are dog lovers and getting to know the lovable dogs. The people and the group are very focused on the welfare of the dogs, and once in the care of AG, there is seemingly no effort too large to be avoided, and none so trivial as to be ignored. Adopting Dandy was a life-changing event for us, and we want to stay close to all things greyhound.”

Tell us about what you do for, or within the American Greyhound group.

“It seemed natural for us to foster after our experience with Dandy. We like helping the dogs make the transition from track to companion animals, and a favorite thing for us is watching them learn to play with toys, and also seeing the transformation in personality when the dog is very shy.  As part of the transition, we often take fosters to the local big-box stores where they naturally draw attention. People gather around them, showering them with attention, love and appreciation.  We have been privileged to have cared for injured dogs a few times as well, and the adaptability and determination of those dogs is inspirational, and we never have to worry about support from American Greyhound. Although it’s bittersweet, it is very rewarding to experience the hand-off of a foster dog to a new home, and seeing the owners getting to know their new grey buddy, especially when the forever home has children.”

When not busy with all things greyhound, Neal likes to putter in his shop, and Janelle does yoga. They are also both fans of Hollywood’s “Golden Age” movies.

All of us at American Greyhound would like to thank Neal and Janelle for all the hard work they do, and the important contributions they make to the group which make a big difference in the lives of the dogs we all strive to help.

The Volunteer Spotlight recognizes individuals who play a valuable role within the American Greyhound family, and also showcases their contributions and hard work which prove invaluable in helping the hounds and the organization as a whole. If you know someone who should be in the Spotlight, please let us know by sending an email to Loree McKinney (mlsm@comcast.net) or Tony Neetz (website@americangreyhound.org). 
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