Adopted Dogs

Walter is, as one vet put it, a livewire. He’s a young and energetic (almost) two year old, curious about everything and everyone. He wants to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, and what you’ve got there. He wants to meet you, he wants to be your friend, and he wants to play, whether you’re a person, a dog, or a cat. Some people and pets may not appreciate his level of enthusiasm. He can be vocal at times with a bark, a whine, or his signature puff of the cheeks. He builds up excess energy and needs large spaces to run fast. A large fenced yard is ideal. He’s quite good at catching frisbees, less good at bringing them back, and he might dig if he finds a mole track. His curiosity and energy can make him difficult on leash. He’s house trained and accident free, and doesn’t seem picky with food. He’s leggy, fit, and handsome, with hyper-soft fur and delicate ears. He’s as likely to follow you around the house as he is to zoom around the living room and chew on a toy before collapsing on the couch, an empty bed, or your lap. 
The adoption fee for Walter is $300.
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