Why do I foster? Fostering takes a lot of work, but American Greyhound makes it convenient, and seeing the foster greyhound come out of his/her shell is beyond rewarding.
The reason why I foster is I love the feeling I get from knowing I’ve provided a safe place and a healthy environment for a greyhound just coming into retirement. The fosters are sometimes a challenge; the Greyhounds I’ve had all are very timid and scared of every little thing in my house. The Greyhound I am fostering now (Blake) has just started walking up and down my living room stairs. When he first got to my house he would shake with fright from the unknown of what was up those stairs. Little things like seeing him walk up the stairs with ease are why I foster.

Little things like seeing him walk up the stairs with ease are why I foster.

Another mission very important to me is a movement/charity/facebook page I’ve co-created.
A couple months ago, a buddy and I were talking about how we could bring positivity to our community. We started a Facebook page called Doing Good 4 Goshen. We came up with a couple ideas and decided to film ourselves doing these acts of kindness.
We bought food for homeless, picked up trash in our local parks, mowed a single lady’s yard, gave out candy to people stuck in terrible traffic and partnered with a nonprofit event for the day doing projects like cleaning, painting, and demolition.
The amount of reach and support we’ve received from these videos is overwhelming. Our mission statement is to do Good in Goshen and for our community. From our videos, we’ve seen and inspired others to do random acts of kindness.
You can check out our page and videos at https://www.facebook.com/doinggood4goshen.
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